Groupe Pek is proud to present its brand new website
Pek Group is proud to present its brand new website that was created by the advertising agency Perseides Technologie! Our company was established recently, in 2014, to develop community renewable energy projects for the benefit of communities. ...

Social responsability

A comprehensive strategy during the development phase of your project is etched within the core of the services offered by Pek to promote social responsibility. In the current context, social responsibility is essential when focusing on sustainable development. In addition, it is imperative that your project receives a high level of acceptance among the population and involved parties

Focusing on development that takes all aspects of sustainable development into account, Pek proposes an approach where both the local partner and the concerned site are involved in the project's definition and implementation.   

The strategy presented by Pek to support social responsibility rely on guiding principles such as consistency, participation and transparency throughout all communications.  It begins the same time as the development phase and covers the ensemble of steps until project completion. Each project being specific, the strategy aiming to promote social responsibility must be flexible and reply on a variety of tools according to the context. This includes:

  • Sociopolitical analysis
  • Establish of direct communication with the community
  • Organization of public outreach activities
  • Coverage by traditional and social media

These tools proved reliable within the framework of the hydroelectric small station projects in Val-Jalbert and the 11th falls of the Mistassini River, where they collected a high level of acceptance from the local population at the end of the preliminary consultations that were held during the development stage. It offered a privileged opportunity for concerned citizens to contribute and help to improve certain aspects of the projects and received the same response by various ministries with the issue of various permits.