Groupe Pek is proud to present its brand new website
Pek Group is proud to present its brand new website that was created by the advertising agency Perseides Technologie! Our company was established recently, in 2014, to develop community renewable energy projects for the benefit of communities. ...

Our vision

Pek aims to make it possible to contribute to the economic development of the Aboriginal community of Mashteuiatsh through the growth of their own income.  The growth passes through acquisition, the production and the operation of renewable energy community projects in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

Our goal: become the catalyst that you require for acquisition, production and the operation of your community renewable energy project.  A community partner of choice that places social responsibility at the core of their projects, helping to maximize the economic benefits in the area where the projects are located, while balancing all aspects of sustainable development.

The community has already an eloquent track record in regard to the creation of various partnerships and project production and operation.  To achieve this, Pek reunited a team of top-notch, passionate and dedicated professionals to acquire the best services in the fields of the financing, engineering, construction, health and safety, communications and community renewable energy project management.

To trust Pek, is to rely on a unique partner, in both who they are and how they go about their business.  A partner of choice with a vision that focuses on an effective decentralized organizational structure, placing respect, collaboration and the pursuit of managerial excellence at the core of their relationship with their clients and partners.