Groupe Pek is proud to present its brand new website
Pek Group is proud to present its brand new website that was created by the advertising agency Perseides Technologie! Our company was established recently, in 2014, to develop community renewable energy projects for the benefit of communities. ...

Operational management

Regrouping passionate professionals with many years of combined experience in construction and project management developed by non-Aboriginal and Aboriginal partners, Pek will offer assistance during all stages associated with the project's construction and operational phases.

Construction and project management include many aspects where Pek can offer support and mentoring. The estimate, budget monitoring, contract administration, health and safety including relationships with the contractors and suppliers, are just a few examples of the aspects where Pek can intervene in an effective way.

Construction and contract management are critical elements of any infrastructure project and with Pek, we are aware that regular monitoring and discipline through the studies, engineering and contract preparation and management are the key success.   Pek is therefore fully armed with fine-tuned management tools and strictly enforces the known principles and proven methods in project management.