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Welcome to the Groupe PEK s.e.c.

Pek is a 100% Aboriginal company located in the Lac-Saint-Jean region in Canada, whose mandate is to contribute to the economic development of the Mashteuiatsh Aboriginal community by way of their independent economic growth.  This growth will stem from the acquisition, production and operation of community projects for renewable energy in accordance with sustainable development principles.

Renewable energy is one of the developing technologies in full expansion and the business opportunities available are abundant.   Already renowned for their expertise in renewable energy, the Aboriginal Pek limited partnership requires a high quality community partner for those who desire to produce a renewable energy project where favorable market conditions will emerge. 

Our one and only objective: to become the catalyst you require to achieve your renewable energy project. A company that etches social responsibility into the project's core, helping to maximize their economic impact on the communities where they operate, while balancing all aspects of sustainable development.

For Pek, sustainable development is to help empowering communities by supporting them in their efforts to benefit from the exploitation of renewable energy sources in their territory and generate profits which, in turn, will lead to the rise of other initiatives and ensure their long-term economic growth.

Our goal: to help communities achieve financial independence, one renewable energy project at a time!
For the economic development of the communities, by a fellow community!  


Groupe Pek is proud to present its brand new website
Pek Group is proud to present its brand new website that was created by the advertising agency Perseides Technologie! Our company was established recently, in 2014, to develop community renewable energy projects for the benefit of communities. ...